"After many years of feeling frustrated with the performance of a part-time staffer who was also functioning as my insurance biller, I finally made the switch to Ryan Receivables in January of 2006.  I am completely satisfied with them, and now I really wish I had made the switch a long time ago.  Ryan Rosendahl is one of the most customer-friendly and service-oriented business owners that I have ever encountered.  He really understands the insurance billing process for mental health professionals.  He anticipates my questions, and often communicates about actions he is taking to resolve outstanding claims before I have noticed that a problem exists.  Thank you Ryan Receivables!"

- Beth Keen, Ph.D. 

 "Our practice has been using Ryan Receivables since 1999.  The efficiency and service of Ryan Receivables has enabled our practice to dedicate more time to our clients and spend less time on hold with insurance companies.  As a result of using the services of Ryan Receivables our money is being reclaimed in a timely manner and our practice operates more efficiently."

- Hay Counseling & Consulting, Inc. 

 "I appreciated your professional presentation right from the start, and truly feel that my billing procedures are in good hands. Your assistance is helping me get and stay organized, releases me from doing work I don’t like to do anyway, and, because you are accessible whenever there’s a question, I get things done quicker. Your service is greatly appreciated; now I have time to do the work I love and enjoy!"

- Karen Bermel, LPC 

 "Very efficient in problem solving.  Knowledgeable with managed care policies.  Great problem solver.  Helped organize my billing system and they have great customer service skills."

- Lee Rosch, C.P.C., C.S.A.C.